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Architecture | Drafting | Interiors

integration of design and materials to provide a cost effective solution 

Reservations are being taken for new work from Summer to Fall 2023 subject to availability. Referrals Only



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Architecture | Drafting | Interiors

Completed according to the Ontario Building Code and stamped by an Engineering Firm. I take pride in my ability to provide accurate and thorough construction documents that result in a seamless and uncomplicated construction phase. My process will take you from preliminary design to construction in easy steps, breaking down the project into manageable portions that will make the process easier, enjoyable and stress-free. I welcome and encourage the opportunity to work with a general contractor or interior designer during the design process, close collaboration within the team of Owner, Contractor and Designer is paramount to a successful project.



















































Stoney Creek ( work in progress)




 Scandinavian-inspired design incorporating clean lines, neutral materials, and an overall sense of minimalism